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Emoji Box Support Center
Leave those boring texts or smileys behind and download this emoji box!
It's a great way to make your words less boring and color your daily life.
We all know that one image is worth one thousand words.
With this app, you can easily express yourself in a funny way.
There are different emoticon styles and designs for you to match your feelings: happy or unhappy, cute or cool ...
It's quite a simple app that you can send a emoji message within seconds.
Tap on the emoji you like, then choose one among those sending options.
After that, you can choose the recipient and send your message.
Main features:
* Various Emoji Categories: Animals, Expressions, Flowers, Food, Life, Love, Sports and many many more
* Multiple sharing ways: SMS, MMS or Mails
* Randomly get a emoji design
* Save certain ones to your Favourite or Recent list
* To be Creative: Create your own design with cool emoticons

Signer for PDF Support Center
Signer for PDF allows you to easily sign PDF documents, and makes electronic document signing painless.
• Optimize your paperless workflow
You might have to print, sign manually, scan and send back in the past. Now PDFSigner makes a difference. You don't need to waste any paper, everything can be done digitally and fast.
• Operational excellence
It takes only three steps to sign a PDF:
1. Open a PDF document.
2. Draw or insert your signature image, type your favorite texts.
3. Save, or print the signed PDF files.
• Flexible ways to create your signature
You can personalize your signature by several ways.
1. Typing text content, you can customize the font style, color etc.
2. Drawing using trackpad or mouse, and insert the signature with transparent background into PDF easily.
3. Insert any existed digital signature image from your local disk.
PDFSigner lets you insert your signature or image files to anywhere within the PDF.
• Content embedded into the PDF
PDFSigner is actually a simple PDF Editor. Text, signature, images you added are embedded into PDF.  Moreover, they cannot be deleted in PDF Reader. Once you save the edited PDF, you can't change the placed text or remove the signature.
Other features:
• User-friendly interface, all the features are listed in the toolbar.
• Allow you to add checkmark stamp when you review the PDF.
• Record your signatures or images automatically for re-use.
• Print the signed PDF document directly from the app without saving and printing from Preview.
If you have any feedback or questions, we'd glad to hear from you! Thanks.

Paste for File Support Center
Paste for File allows you to paste the content in the clipboard as a file. It adds a " Paste for File " menu item to the Finder context menu.
Fast and Easy
- Right click on any folder/file and select " Paste for File " or "Services -> Paste for File " to paste the clipboard content as a file.
Rich support
- Supports plain text, rich text, image, HTML, web archive clipboard content.
- Animated GIF (fps customizable) are also supported.
- It even allows you to copy a file and paste it's icon as a file!
* Notes
-If the " Paste for File " menu item does not appear in the Finder context menu, please relaunch Paste For File and try again.
- In some OS X versions, you may need to logout and then login again to make the services being updated.
- Please also make sure that the " Paste for File " service is enabled in "System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts-> Services".

Photo to PDF Converter Support Center

Photo to PDF Converter can convert BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF and other popular image formats to PDF format, which is suitable for transmission. It perfectly solve the hassle and inconvenience of using multiple images, and convert them to one PDF document in one easy step.

◆ Fast and Easy
- Simply add your images and photos into the application, and click “Convert” button to generate the PDF document.
◆ Rich features
-You can easily produce PDF document from image materials.
-If you want to change the page sequence, simply drag the image path and drop to the correct row.
-Produce a single PDF file for each image, or one PDF file containing all images.
◆ Rich support
- Supports the most popular image file formats, such as JPG (JPEG), TIFF (TIF), BMP, PNG, GIF, PDF.

Document Info Support Center
Document Info allows you to view any info of your document in hex or text.
• Fast and Simple
Document Info is very fast and simple, it can easily read and process many bigger files. You can drag and drop any files or folders, it allows you view unlimited files.
• User-friendly interface
Document Info has good user interface, base on hierarchical directly file structure lets you easily view file.
• Professional functionality
Document Info brings you the professional functionality of file hex.
• More info about any file.
Document Info gives you access to more info about any file: file owner, group, creation date, last modification date, file size, file kind, file system size, free file system size.
• Hash digests of file
Document Info gives hash digests using MD4, MD5, MDC2, SHA , SHA1, SHA224 ,SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, RMD160, and it even gives you a complete hex dump of the file.

PDF Writer Support Center

PDF Writer is a must-have app for anyone who reads, annotates, edits or creates PDF documents. It allows you to markup documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text, stamps and even sign PDFs.   PDF Editor also can create new PDF documents, insert and delete pages.

PDF Writer provides the best support for filling out PDF forms. Text fields, check boxes, radio buttons and other form elements work as you expect and all the information you enter is saved within the form.

● Top Features

- Highlight Text -

Mark important things in books, journals or documents you want to review.

- Fill Forms -

Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat.

- Create Notes -

Add comments to the texts you read.

- Mark up and annotate PDF

The annotation, markup, and freehand drawing tools on the toolbar make it quite easy to draw attention to PDF text with highlight, underline, strikethrough, sticky note, text boxes, rectangles, arrow, line, oval, clouds, customizable colors, line weights etc.

- Sign Contracts

Scan your handwritten signature into an image and import it as a stamp you can apply to any electronic PDF file
Predefined and custom stamp types let users give and share feedback more easily: “Reviewed”, “Approved”, “Confidential”, and more.

Contact us: xiongf13@gmail.com

Document Writer Support Center
Document Writer is a magic, easy-to-use word processor that can make the writing and the picture have perfect layout, support Retina resolutions and export all the comman formats: .pdf, .rtf, .doc and more . To create the tables and insert the pictures make your document more rich and colorful. Automatic save function let you don't have to worry about losing data.

Advance word processor
● Simple interface that starts up quickly
● Paragraph and character styles
● Automatically format bulleted or numbered lists
● Flexible structure for creating any type of document with section, layout, and page breaks
● Table of contents

Perfect page layout
● Free form layout
● Free text layout

Powerful writing tools
● make template documents with boilerplate text
● free-form headers and footers
● alternate colors option (e.g., white text on blue)
● split-window editing
● full screen editing
● date-stamped backups
● selection of text by text style, paragraph style, color, etc.
● find panel allows regular expressions (pattern matching)
● Word processing utilities including word count and automatic page numbering
● Automatic save function let you don't have to worry about losing data.
● GoWord is able to automatically format bulleted or numbered lists to make your documents crisp and clear.
● Use special characters to make documents more expressive and unique.
● Find and Replace feature in Quick Word make your documents easily search

Compatibility and sharing
● export Microsoft Word documents
● Send as a mwd, Word, or PDF file directly to email
● Export PDF files
● Import and export RTF documents, TXT Documents
● Support for all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and more)

The help file link:
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FTP Client Pro Support Center

FTP Client Pro is the simplest and easiest way to access an ftp server. It will allow you to upload, download and create directories on a remote ftp server with a slick and easy to use interface.

Featuring :

. Full FTP/FTPS/SFTP protocol support
. Super-fast transfers
. Drag & Drop uploads/downloads
. Outline and column listing views
. Securely stored connections
. Quick Look
. Remote editing of server files
. Built-in text editor
. File/folder filtering
. Growl support
. Simple UI for ease of use

Go Templates for MS Office Support Center

Go Templates for MS Office is professional, widely used and compatible. Go Templates for MS Office is a comprehensive of templates for Microsoft's Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for your Mac. Save time and achieve the best results with Go Templates for MS Office !

Templates for MS Word
The multiple Templates for MS Word designed to give a unified, outstanding design to all documents representing your company. It provides a comprehensive selection of designs, from letters and brochures to business cards and books.
It can helps you to market your business,record your inspiration and write your news report,then save, edit, and share.You can use others accumulated wisdom to create elegant document belong to you.With templates for MS Word ,the professional document will produce by you.

Templates for MS Excel
The high-quality Templates for MS Excel collection offers diverse and practical templates for MS Excel.
A great many of function it has,will it make your excel more convenient and swift.With various of template for MS Excel ,you can have more options to select an excel that is suit for you.

Templates for MS PowerPoint
The high-quality Templates for MS PowerPoint set consists of dozens of high-quality designs for PowerPoint presentations. More than just good-looking backgrounds. This allows you to choose the best layout for your information, whether it is mostly made up of bullet points, contains a mix of text and illustrations, or presents multiple graphs and tables.
Apply to the templates for MS PowerPoint,you can make more good-looking slides in a few of time.With graceful slide ,you can accurate to state your viewpoint or introduce your product.It is yield twice the result with half the effort.

For business or personal,Go Templates for MS Office is a decent choice.

Go Templates for MS PowerPoint Support Center

Requires Microsoft Office 2008 or later, which has to be purchased separately.
Go Templates for MS PowerPoint set consists of high-quality designs for PowerPoint presentations. Templates with animated backgrounds. Templates will allow you to create professional-quality presentations with captivating video backgrounds that will truly amaze your audience. Moving backgrounds will not stop all the time during your presentation and the crowd is going to love this!
PowerPoint templates are made of many separate elements that can be individually moved, removed, recolored, resized, etc. So every slide can be completely adjusted according to the personal preferences.